Am Freitag, 22. Dezember 2006 21:55 schrieb Jim Fulton:
Does anyone know of something
> that does what zdaemon does?  daemontools seems somewhat close:
> Going from the documentation, it doesn't seem to be as clever about
> application restart.  The documentation says nothing about
> distinguishing between normal and abnormal restarts or avoiding
> useless restarts when there are start-up errors.

daeomontools are definetely worth looking, i use it for some years now, 
and never had problems. it wasn't updated in almost five years, since 
it just works.

you are right about the restart issue: if a supervised process dies, 
it's restarted, no matter why it died. what would an abnormal restart 
be, that should not take place, anyway? in the sense, how would the 
supervisor know thats it's abnormal?

FWIW, there's also "runit", obviously developed in the same spirit but 
independend of daemontools:

And the python coded Supervisor2 made by Chris McDonough

i myself have no experinces with these two, though.

Cheers, Sascha

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