On Wednesday 20 December 2006 16:03, Jeff Shell wrote:
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> It's too bad that this seems to have gone unfinished. The biggest pain
> (well, one of the big pains) we experience with Zope 3 is the lack of
> anything like Zope 2's export/import. Or, going further back,
> 'manage_exportHack'. :). This is a side topic and I'm not going to
> elaborate further except to beg for some low to medium level
> export/import capability. It seems that fssync was one of the
> alternatives, or could be, if I recall correctly.

The question is why you need it. zope.fssync was originally developed for TTW 
development via the filesystem. I think this use case has gone away. What use 
cases do *you* have for using fssync?

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