On Wednesday 20 December 2006 16:03, Jeff Shell wrote:
> Another side topic: even after cleaning out all deprecation warnings
> in our code to make it run under Zope 3.3, I still get deprecation
> messages bubbling up from the ZODB, claiming to come from ZODB's
> "broken.py". It dawned on me just yesterday that there are probably
> references to the deprecated/moved modules in our ZODB databases.

Yes, that could be it. For FileStorage, I have used the following pattern as 
part of a generations script:


Of course, you would want to pack your database after that.

> I don't want Zope 3.5 to roll around and have our databases blow up
> because of permanent removal of the old 'zope.app' packages that have
> been moved to 'zope.*'. Is this a legitimate fear? Is there something
> we can do to repair these references? I don't know if zope.modulealias
> supports that or not.

No, part of your migration from version to version is providing generation 
scripts. The Zope App server is responsible for updating its own 
classes/types, but you have to do it for your code. If the app server is not 
totally clean in updating, please let us know, since it is a bug.

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