Adam Groszer wrote:

In short: I would classify 699 and 700 as new features, 701 as bugfix.
For more details read on.

Issue 699
I hope if I change the event classes, by adding the interfaces existing
code won't break.
As stated by philikon this is not a show stopper so I would classify
it as a feature, not bugfix and not backport it to 3.3 and 3.2.

Feels +1 to me.

Issue 700
z3.ecm solves that by overriding the default integration to it's own
utility that creates the workitems.
So the question is that add this _feature_ or not?
When yes, an event for a new participant created should be added also?

Feels to me like we should emit the event. If someone creates their own utility to create work items directly, they have to emit the event too of course.


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