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Some thoughts on Zope 3, Zope 3 applications, and Zope 3 instances
I should note that there have been a number of sucessful Zope 3 applications that were not the OFS. In fact, some of the earliest production Zope 3 applications were not based on the OFS.

One of the first Zope 3 applications I looked at was SchoolBell. I was charmed by the elegant structure after install: a bunch of libraries somewhere, and a single instance directory containing a configuration file (for SchoolBell only, not Zope), and start and stop scripts. The Data.fs file was built during the first run.

Where did log files end up? How about the zademon socket file?

As a system administrator, this is how I like to see applications.

That's interesting.  As a developer, I like things to be
self contained.  Most Unix system administrators I know want me
to follow standard Unix file-system layour conventions (e.g.

Needs vary of course.  For large scale applications like the ones we
build, we need many instances for both scalability and redundancy.


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