Jim Fulton wrote:
Martin Aspeli wrote:

Anyway - I hope these perspectives are useful. I'm certainly not disagreeing with what you're saying or with the direction you're pointing out. I think
we just need be mindful that there were some good things about the past
approaches as well as problems (not that you're not).

I think we're in strong agreement.  I think we need both the Framework
and the apps that use the Framework, including Zope2/Plone-style pluggable
apps.  I think we need to keep these efforts somewhat distinct though.
I'd love to see projects that focus on building killer apps on top of the
Zope 3 framework.  I just want people to understand that the application
!= the framework.

My argument is just that if you're not careful, you may end up with a chicken (or was that xicken) and egg situation; not enough people who know the framework care to build the killer app(s); not enough people who need an app understand (or have time to understand or will risk spending the time on something they don't fully understand) the framework.

Someone with the right skills needs to passionately care. Perhaps it's OFS+ZMI; perhaps it's Zope 2 + Five; perhaps it's Plone (man, you have no idea how productive you excellent people have made some of us jaded Plone developers recently); perhaps it's Grok; hopefully some combination.


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