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Martin Aspeli wrote:

I would be worried if I felt that the Zope 3 community became only about
components and left this "real world but generic assembly" work to "someone
else" when no "someone else" would be interested or skilled or emotionally
invested enough to care. In the Plone world, we have the focus of
Plone-the-application that implies we have to make Plone-the-framework
better. If things become *too* scattered, where is the focus of Zope3?

I think these are all excellent points, and I've been thinking about this for a while. This is why I'm at a Grok sprint right now. :)

My hope is that with Grok we can inject some sensibilities into Zope 3 that focus more on getting things done easily and quickly. I think that the basis built with an attitude of reusable and flexible components is great to build a powerful "getting things done easily and quickly" system on top. But we really really need such a system, and I hope Grok will be more than just a new technology but will also help drive a shift in focus in the Zope 3 world.

We have core Zope 3 developers here at this sprint (Philipp, Christian Theune), so I have some hopes we'll succeed. :)

So, I agree we need what Jim proposes. We just also need what Grok tries to offer. I think that as an open source development community that wants to grow, we need Grok a lot more than we need splitting up Zope 3 into eggs.

That's not to say I don't want that and I encourage people who care about this to work as hard on this as they like. :)



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