Paul Everitt wrote:

Thus, telling the Zope 3 core team to own and distribute the killer app is neither realistic nor fair. Move Zope 3 to its natural turf and collaborate with folks that feel passionate about other turf.

Application != the framework.

A very good point. Perhaps the future will be:

Developer learns Grok. Developer likes Grok. Developer improves Grok. Developer finds that to improve Grok, he should help improve Zope 3.

And then maybe s/Grok/Plone/g or s/Grok/something else/g.

I'm obviously not in the business or position of telling people what to do (well, ahem, maybe I do, at least in the Plone world, but that's mostly just good intentions).

My concern is that we should make the framework accessible and approachable, and that having a focal point and a "path through" the framework is an important part of that. Grok is encouraging to me in that regard. Plone is quite actively (but not wholesale any time soon) moving in a direction where it becomes a strong consumer of Zope 3. Hopefully, we'll see something else emerge as well that is conceptually a combination of the two: End user-oriented and pure Zope 3.

I don't think anyone's argued otherwise, of course, I'm just pointing to existing wisdom I've received and observed.


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