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This kind of automagic unicode error defeating logic scares me. With
Silva, we have a significant Zope 2 application that already takes care
to output unicode to the page template engine. For a while we were using
PlacelessTranslationService which has some hacks in place to do automagic
conversion from unicode to an encoding. Granted this is the opposite
direction than you are proposing, and my intuition is that your direction
may be less scary, but I'm still scared. Not having unicode errors can
make debugging of pure-unicode applications harder. Bugs sneak in pretty
easily and you end up with non-pure content.

I share your fear. But it is fact that a lot of applications have to fight
with unicode errors and the common solution seems to be to change Python
default encoding (which is not a good idea in my opinon. People like Dieter
will disagree).

I'd therefore like it if there were a way, application-root specific, to
turn off any auto-conversion behavior. Do you think that would be

I am thinking about providing some handlers with different behavior that could be configured on a per-site basis (tied to local site managers). However I am not so familiar with site managers so far so I am currently playing around and thinking into different directions). But you might think f a handler that would implement the current behavior: throwing an exception or or and handler that uses Pythons default encoding .....just some ideas...makes sense?


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