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KLEIN Stéphane wrote:
I wonder whether we can add README file at subversion root directory
to explain how differentiate zope 2 from Zope 3 project ?

I suggest this content :

Frequently Asked Question :

Q : What directory are Zope 2 and Zope 3 projects ?
A : There aren't simple rules. First, every directory that begins with
"Products." is a Zope 2 project. Every directory  that begins with
"z3c" or "zc" is a Zope 3 project. For every other directory, you have
to look at its files. If there are files with zcml extension then it's
a Zope 3 project. Otherwise read the README file to see if it's a Zope
2 or a Zope 3 project

I this should go into the developer guidelines/SVN area in the wiki.

some thoughts

The problem is there is (unless unkown to me) no central description web site for all these components. Everything is in a deep svn hierarchy, and there is no way to know which one is in a finished or usable state, which one is deprecated, which one is for zope2 or zope3, etc.

So when we want to find a component, we end up in
and there is no information. Such a Readme file would be at least the very beginning of a documentation for these components, or at least a way to diffentiate them.

Today I found a message from early 2005 speaking about the problem with zope3 communication, presentation and documentation.
Nothing has changed and today there is absolutely nothing to nicely present Zope3 apart from the complicated and multiples wikis.

However it seems that the eggification has brought some standard files such as CHANGES.txt INSTALL.txt README.txt Maybe it would be possible to use these files, and maybe to add a few others, to automatically generate a nice web site with the component list, their description, their state, their documentation, etc.? That way, the site would be automatically updated along with the svn when the developpers commit changes to it.


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