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I think this is a pure Zope 2 problem at this point, no?

Thus, you would not mind that the Zope 3 code is changed at this
place -- as pure Zope 3 will not execute it.

We certainly have way
of handling UnicodeDecode errors. If you can show that this could
potentially  be a problem in Zope 3 as well, I would be for adding your
UnicodeDecode  resolver to the Zope 3 core.

The aim is to have the same "PageTemplate" implementation
for both Zope 2 and Zope 3. Thus, it may be necessary to extend
the common code a bit even when the problems does not occur
in pure Zope 3 code.

The same PT implementation does not mean that we can get rid of
Zope 2 specific stuff within the wrapper code (which is still big
since a bunch of Zope 2 magic must be attached to the Zope 3 PT


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