On Sun, 2007-07-01 at 14:54 -0500, Tres Seaver wrote:
>   http://wanderingbarque.com/nonintersecting/2006/11/15/
> I think that an add-on product which provided a SOAP server,
> implementing one of the competing semantics, could be interesting as a
> starting point, although it might not be terribly resuable.

While I'm not necessarily a huge SOAP advocate (personally I just want
RPC that works) that pasted link does a *very* good job of portraying a
subjective view on how confusing soap is.  That is... it's only
propaganda.  Sticking with just SOAP (no wsdl, no uddi, no xml schema)
you can make services as simple as xml-rpc.

Everything beyond standard soap tries to give it an infinite amount of
power that is best compared to the extremely large number of corba

Whether or not this should live in the core is mostly a subjective
argument to which I have no opinion on.

- Rocky

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