Peter Bengtsson wrote:
Philipp has posted a blog entry with a good example of Grok code:

I especially like that you don't have to manually define the template
since it's picked up automatically by name.

Will the grok effort yield any codegenerating scripts and stuff like
the django folks have?
If not, I have some ideas that I could maybe contribute with at/for
the next sprint even :)

Code generation sucks. :)


- ArchGenXML (hacky though it is) is great for business types because it takes UML (which business analysts understand and customers can be talked through) and produces content types they can CRUD with. Seriously, I've seen people sell big Plone jobs on AGX (kinda scary).

- Don't invent a new code generator. Please. :) PasteScript does quite well, and seems to be adopted by others, e.g. Pylons. We already use it to make new egg-like packages for Plone.

- You should never, ever *need* code generation. It should be a nice way of getting a common structure for second-order stuff like documentation files and egg metadata (how we use ZopeSkel/paster in Plone), or a way of going from a visual representation to code. Systems that *depend* on generators are always nasty to maintain, upgrade and understand. Tools are just not a replacement for good language design (this is why we see the Java->Rails exodus cliche, and then people realise Rails has tools too, oh well).


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