Am Mittwoch, den 10.01.2007, 00:44 +0000 schrieb Martin Aspeli:
> Code generation sucks. :)
> But:
>   - ArchGenXML (hacky though it is) is great for business types because 
> it takes UML (which business analysts understand and customers can be 
> talked through) and produces content types they can CRUD with. 
> Seriously, I've seen people sell big Plone jobs on AGX (kinda scary).
>   - Don't invent a new code generator. Please. :) PasteScript does quite 
> well, and seems to be adopted by others, e.g. Pylons. We already use it 
> to make new egg-like packages for Plone.
>   - You should never, ever *need* code generation. It should be a nice 
> way of getting a common structure for second-order stuff like 
> documentation files and egg metadata (how we use ZopeSkel/paster in 
> Plone), or a way of going from a visual representation to code. Systems 
> that *depend* on generators are always nasty to maintain, upgrade and 
> understand. Tools are just not a replacement for good language design 
> (this is why we see the Java->Rails exodus cliche, and then people 
> realise Rails has tools too, oh well).

We've been talking a bit about using Paste to create initial project
environments (e.g. bootstrap a buildout that has grok and Zope 3 in it
and setup your subversion environment).

This is one of the things on our 1.0 list ... Have a look at
launchpad.net/grok for more.


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