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> Subject: [Zope3-dev] formlib: spurious viewspace slot?
> Hi,
> while working on one of our projects at gocept, we noticed 
> that formlib's pageform.pt template defines a "viewspace" 
> slot which we feel it shouldn't, as the Rotterdam skin's 
> template.pt has a div defining the same slot and carrying the 
> same id. We found this because of an extraneous line inside 
> the viewspace of one form, which turned out to be a top 
> border specified for the "viewspace" ID.
> Should the viewspace slot be removed from pageform.pt?

I think that's not a good idea because this could be incompatible
with others work. The formlib tempaltes are used in many project.

Note, in many project the formlib is used without the Rotterdam
skin and this isn't a problem. 

What you can do is, remove the duplicated id in the Rotterdam 
skin. I guess/hope this will not affect others work. Or at least
will only end in a visualy broken layout.

Does it work if you rename the div id in the Rotterdam skin template
and CSS? 

Roger Ineichen

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