Baiju M wrote:
    I am thinking about organizing a "Zope 3 Egg Day" for eggification
of*  packages.  Anyone  interested?
Eggification of*  packages is a massive effort, so it's not yet
added to the release goal of Zope 3.4.  If this egg day become successful,
I think we can add it to the release goal. There are 90+ packages in namespace.
Details about eggification is available from this proposal:

I was thinking of making this the goal of the Zope sprint at PyCon this
year on Feb 26 and 27.

I suggest 20-Jan-2007 (Saturday) as "Zope 3 Egg Day".

Saturdays are going to be hard for me for the next few weeks
as I'll be attending my son's wrestling matches on pretty
much every Saturday through the end of February, PyCon
being the only exception.  I'd be happy to do this on a Sunday


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