I am also thinking about two other options:

  * --list-files -- essentially the same as --list-modules, but outputs
    file names instead of module names.

  * --list-tests -- apply package and module filters, import the
    modules, apply test name and layer filters, then list just the names
    of tests.

Would these be useful to anybody?

Yes a lot, I am using them in 2 cases, when I want to be sure that
only 1-2 tests will be run before even trying to run them (with some
functional tests running a lot of time I don't want to run more tests
than I need).

And with Zope3 testrunner's idea about the amount of doctests being
run --list-tests would be the only way to find out how many real tests
are being executes as at the moment I can't tell if my doctest has 11
"tests" in it or am I running some other test that matches the

SchoolTool's custom test runner used to have --list-tests and
--list-files.  Now that SchoolTool has finally switched to the Zope 3
test runner, I wonder if anyone working on SchoolTool would miss those
(hi, Ignas ;-).

Yes especially  on long winter evenings while running functional tests
and wondering how many functional tests are there in this functional
test layer I so long for the good old --list-files ;)

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