I was updating one of the proposals in this minutes and had a somewhat
hard time to define a goal. I stumbled over the upcoming problem of
defining the Zope 3 core and came up with this footnote for myself:

Maybe this can be used as a spark to spur some discussion about the term
'Zope 3 core'. Maybe we need new terms in the future, maybe we need to
re-define 'Zope 3 core'. Here is the version that appeared to me today:

.. [1] Zope 3 core

   With the upcoming fuzzyness of the Zope 3 core, I found a somewhat
   interesting definition for me that defines the core as the set of 
   packages that gets labeled with the same release tag together
   (there can be other ways of labeling that using a SVN tag of course)
   and that we apply the full rigid development practices
   for Zope 3 on. 

   IMHO therefore being in 'the core' for a Zope 3 package guarantees 
   a certain quality level.


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