I've been working with z3c.zalchemy for a short while, and was finding
it very hard to get started until Stephan Richter gave me a simple
example to work with. In the course of my subsequent investigations, I
found and fixed a few bugs in the ZAlchemy code, and produced a few
simple demos.

With Juergen Kartnaller's blessing, these demos have been checked into
the z3c.zalchemy trunk in a 'demo' subpackage. So if you get a fresh svn
checkout, you should get them along with all recent fixes:


These demos aren't perfect (they are pretty crude in spots), but they
are a decent start to using SQLAlchemy in Zope3 with some integration
into the ZMI:

        Demo 1: Subclasses the included SQLAlchemyContainer to create a
        container that is preconfigured to hold only one class
        Demo 2: Creates a container from scratch that is specialized to
        only hold one class (HelloWorldMessage2).
        Demo 3: Demonstrates a rudimentary adapter for storing Dublin
        Core metadata in the RDBMS for HelloWorldMessage3 objects.
        HelloWorldMessage3 objects have editable title and description
        fields incorporated into the add and edit forms. The metadata is
        stored in a second table.
        Demo 4: In addition to the Dublin Core integration, demonstrates
        a HelloWorldMessage4 class that is in itself a container for
        HelloWorldFragment classes.

Feedback (and patches) welcome!

- Michael R. Bernstein

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