Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
 Baiju M wrote:

> I thought we can create individual eggs instead of a big
> egg for Zope 3.4.

 Well, I don't think we have to make every single subpackage its own
 egg. We should pick our battles and start with those individual eggs
 that can actually be used w/o Zope 3, e.g.,, etc. I don't think we need to create individual eggs
 for each package, especially those that will disappear soon anyway
 because of BBB.

> So I started working on eggification of* packages in
> alphabetical order :) ( was the first package)

 I suggest we come up with a prioritized list instead of alphabetical.

I agree, this is a good suggestion.  I will start another thread for the
packages to be eggified later (or any other taker ?).

Then, we will be having a egg + individual* eggs egg will not contain any packages which is officially eggified
seperatly (,, etc.).

Baiju M

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