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If so, how should we go about making this optional?

We would check if options.databases if empty. If that's so, we could set 'db=None'.

I would be -1 on hacking the existing main programs. They are already a mess. This is not meant to be a criticism of their authors, who did they best they could at the time and with the working assumptions.

I would *much* rather see us open this up by making this part of Zope 3 more modular and putting more emphasis on explaining what is going on and how one would do something different.

Here's what I'd like to see:

1. Separate server definition from application definition. They are way too interwoven now. I'd like to see us move to Paste Deploy (or something based on the framework it defines).

2. Document how to use the zope.publisher framework to define web applications. It isn't very complicated, it just needs some documentation. I made a beginning of of this in my aborted bobo project. A good start for examples would be a hello-world app, the existing zope 3 app, and, I assume, Grok.


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