Martijn Faassen wrote:
Marius Gedminas wrote:
Also, I'd like a way to specify the adapter name in the adapter class.
Something like

    from zope.interface import implements
    from zope.component import adapts, named

    class MyNamedAdapter(object):

        def __init__(self, context):

Also I'd like to have a zope.component.Adapter class that defines

        def __init__(self, context):

and does nothing else.  It seems to me that 95% of all adapters have an
__init__ like this.  It is tiring to keep repeating it.

Also, I want a pony.  Ok, not really.

You can have your pony. In grok, there's a grok.Adapter class, which
does the thing in init, where you can specify the name using, and which causes registration as an adapter without the need for ZCML.


import grok
from zope.index.text.interfaces import ISearchableText

class Page(grok.Model):

    def __init__(self, text):
        self.text = text

class SearchableTextForPage(grok.Adapter):
    grok.context(Page) # automatically assumed = the default'')      # the default

    def getSearchableText(self):
        # self.context is set by grok.Adapter.__init__
        return self.context.text

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