a week ago i posted this (
http://mail.zope.org/pipermail/zope3-users/2007-January/005348.html) at
the Zope3-users mailinglist, but got nearly no response. Maybe here i
get more attention :)

I will post my questions again, if you could spare some time, please try
to answer them, so i can give something back to the community in form of
my diploma thesis. I will cite the responses in my work.

currently i am writing my diploma thesis at the University of Applied
Science in Austria, Vienna.
The topic is about the usage of Python and Zope (3) in education.
There are a lot of papers concerning Python and education, but i found
not much about Zope there. So this seems an interesting topic to discuss.

So here are my questions:

* Do you think Zope (3) can be used at school or university level to
support topics in computer science education? What topics would you
recommend? Why?

* How would you convince someone who is in charge to use Zope 3 in his

* How do you see Component Based Software Engineering (CBSE) or other
Component Frameworks related to
Zope 3? What are the differences? Is Zope 3 an alternative for other
component based frameworks in the industry and why?
(to this question see my follow-up at
http://mail.zope.org/pipermail/zope3-users/2007-January/005365.html :
This question has a litle bit historical background. At my university
they taught us Component Based Software Engineering (CBSE), and how this
will change the way, software will be developed. Software development
will(may) change to an industry where focus is on components, reuse and
testing (at the moment thousends of developers code the same stuff)
In the same course they talked about CORBA, COM+ and EJB. My question
is: Can they also talk about Zope 3 there? )

* How do you see the future of Zope? Where do you (want to) see it in 2

thank you very much!
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