Chris Withers wrote:
> Hi All,
> It's been way too long since I did that, but how do I go about getting 
> an svn checkout of Zope 3 that I can develop with? Is there a how-to 
> somehwere?
> I'd imagine it goes something like:
> 1 - checkout svn url you wish to develop with
> 2 - do some kind of inplace build
> 3 - point your mkzopeinstance-created instance at the checkout
> 4 - develop
> 5 - run tests
> How do I do 2 and 5?
> For 2, how do I do a suitable in-place build on Linux? Are there still 
> up-to-date pre-built binary bits for Windows that I can unpack? If so, 
> where do I get them from?
> For 5, how do I run tests for a module in the checkout with the 
> testrunner, as opposed to tests for a module in the instance?

I'll take a guess that it's not too different from building zope 2: 

$ python build_ext -i

On windows, you probably need mingw32. This may help:

To run tests, you can certainly run tests from an instance, e.g. 

$ bin/zopectl -m zope.interface

I'm not sure how they should be run if you have no instance available, but
it's just a matter of finding a testrunner that has the right PYTHONPATH

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