Ross Patterson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Ross Patterson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> gets used properly for
>> persistent modules containing classes that subclass
>> zope.interface.Interface when those modules are are managed and
>> registered through managers and registries from zodbcode.  However,
>> similar persistent modules are broken when managed and registered
>> through managers and registries from  Attached is a
>> diff against that adds a test demonstrating the
>> failure.
>> I'll create an issue in the collector if I can't fix this, but I hope
>> to fix it.
>> What I'd like to know is why seems to have totally
>> independent manager and registry implementaitons from those found in
>> zodbcode.  It looks like Fred Drake did a lot of the work on zodbcode
>> and Setphan Richter did a lot of the work on, so I was
>> hoping to learn something about the rationale from one or both of
>> you.  Is there any reason not to realign the implmentations in
>> with those in zodbcode?
>> I realize that most of this work was done long ago, but I appreciate
>> any insight.
>> Ross
> Attached is a new verion of the patch against that I
> think is a bit clearer.  It demonstrates that the manager from
> zodbcode works where the manager from doesn't.
> Ross

I figured this out and demonstrated the workaround in a doc file and


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