Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
What I meant: Since is we have things like zope.paste which work fine as 3rd party packages already, perhaps the Zope 3 core just needs to *support* this separation of server configuration and application definition, but doesn't necessarily need to *do* it.


Why named? If only so you can register many of them, then I call yagni. Like a unix file system, a zope instance should only have one root :-)

Sure. But the use of named utilities would make it a tad easier because you wouldn't need ZCML overrides.

Let's say Zope 3 defines an IRootObjectFactory utility called ''. So, a default zope.conf would look like this:

  # root-object-factory -- name of an IRootObjectFactory utility that the
  # publication will use to create the root object.
  #  Default: root-object-factory

Why would this be in zope.conf at all?
I would have thought just having a normal zcml setup for a single, global IRootObjectFactory utility would be fine...

Also, why the factory? Why not just IRootObject?



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