I'd like to release Zope 3.3.1 soon. The tests are passing on Linux and Mac OS, apparently there's only a problem with zope.app.twisted on Windows, afaik. Can we get this problem isolated, analyzed and fixed asap, please?

We can't delay this maintenance release any further. It's bad enough that a *release (!) branch* has been broken for such a long time w/o having been fixed.

If this isn't fixed soon, I'm going to advise to the maintainer of the 3.3.x line to back out the change that led to the test failure so that we can assure all of the Zope 3.3 users out there that we're indeed fixing bugs and releasing the fixes. Zope 3.3.1 has tons of other bugfixes that people out there are waiting for.

I hope we won't have to resort to reverting the zope.app.twisted change.

P.S.: What will it take to get the buildbot, especially the Windows one, working again?

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