First off, I hope Im in the right place, I apoligize if Im not asking in the 
right place.

We are currently running Zope 2.9.3, and Im hoping to get some recommendations 
as how to proceed to the Zope 3 framework, with the least amount of pain.

Currently, we have about 10 custom Products, + the ZODB/DTML that I would need 
to bring across to the Zope 3 world.

Ive configured and installed Zope 3, but Im unable to get it to start with our 
Data.fs and/or Products.

As a side note, based on our experiences with older Zope products, weve found 
that 4 threads is where we achieve optimum performance (anymore and we deal 
with stability issues). Any ideas if well be able to increase that threshold in 
zope 3 or will we still be bound to only 4 threads per instance?

Thanks in advance,

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