On Tuesday 13 February 2007 06:14, Jim Fulton wrote:
> > Well, we do it all the time with persistent, local components (not  
> > necessarily with adapters but with utilities).
> The key is that we haven't done it (recently) with adapters, so this  
> is some virgin territory. I believe I've seen a report of a problem  
> with local adapter registrations but it's been lost in my old email.  
> Hopefully, whoever sent me the mail will chime in or, better yet,  
> submit a collector entry.

If I need local adapters these days, I use z3c.baseregistry. Usually adapters 
do not need to be persistent, but just available locally. That approach has 
worked great for my project and we have started developing other high-level 
APIs on top of that (a plugin system for example).

So to get back to Chris' original question: We configure the plugins via the 
Web, but all the code and configuration is done on the filesystem.

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