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Tuesday, February 13, 2007, 11:00:35 AM, you wrote:

PvW> Adam, can you make the installer for 3.3.1 again, upload it (w/o
PvW> publishing it) so that we can try to reproduce it on our machines?

I have the one from jan 15. at hand. Is it OK? I can start uploading
Otherwise I can compile an up to date one maybe until tomorrow
morning, worst case thursday morning.

PvW> How did you compile Zope on Windows? I assume you used some version
PvW> of Visual Studio?

I did that with the free version of the MS compiler tools.
This is the same compiler as the one included in VS, also the
optimizing compiler.
Microsoft (R) 32-bit C/C++ Optimizing Compiler Version 13.10.3077 for 80x86
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation 1984-2002. All rights reserved.
How to setup the tools is here:

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 Groszer Adam
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