Jim Fulton wrote:

 On Feb 15, 2007, at 3:02 AM, Baiju M wrote:

> Hi, I am not getting any changes (through checkins mailing list)
> made to zope eggs recently by 'alex' (committer id)
> alex, I read your commit mesage: "Remove setup.cfg.in, INSTALL.txt,
> CHANGES.txt, test.py, MANIFEST.in and README.txt because they are
> no longer needed."

 Could you remind me which package (or svn revision) you are refering

*r72589, **r72588 and few others.*

> Why these files are no longer needed? test.py may not be required
> after buildout.

 I'll turn that around. What are they needed for? You should only
 need a setup.py and, if buildout is used, a buildout.cfg.

 The examples alex showed me seemed out of date with the current way
 of doing things.

 I particularly don't want setup.cfg.in, and MANIFEST.in as these
 aren't really necessary and tend to cause problems.

Agreed.  Anyway, atleast we will be required a README.txt and CHANGES.txt

> Also please revert r72507

In r72507 a setup.py is added to Zope3/trunk/src/zope/annotation/setup.py
This should be in zope.annotation/trunk/setup.py
(It's already there, also alex later modified it)

Baiju M
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