I hope others will comment, but I'll make some initial high-level observations:

- As I've said many times before, Zope 3 is both a library (really a collection
  of libraries) and an application.

- For the purpose of using Zope 3 as a library, there is no need for a Zope 3 egg. There is a need for individual eggs. We also need to get the egg dependencies

(FWIW, my near-term goal is to get to the point that we can build out our applications using the individual Zope eggs.)

- For using Zope 3 as an application:

o It isn't clear that anyone is interested in really caring about the Zope 3 application as previously distributed (aka ZMI or OFS). I'm not aware that anyone has come forward to champion the Zope 3 application and, more important, take leadership for the Zope 3 application. I certainly think that there should be some applications of Zope 3 that are useful and provide examples of use.

o It isn't clear that an egg is really the best distribution format for Zope 3 the application, but that is really up to the people, if any, who want to lead the Zope3-as-application effort. It might still be cool if there was an application egg that basically installed some script for making instances.


On Feb 19, 2007, at 5:17 AM, Baiju M wrote:

   How we will be installing Zope 3.4, can I do it like this:
easy_install zope3

If this is the case, the zope3 package will contain few files/packages
which are not separately eggified?
What are the minimum files required in this zope3 package?
I assume some scrips,docs etc. will be there.

There are few tests which are located outside any particular package.
zope.app.ftests and zope.app.tests
Either we can distribute it with our huge zope.app egg or move it to some
other places.  What about moving those tests to zope.app.zcmlfiles ?

Baiju M

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