I'm testing buildout, and one thing I want is to have several cfgs,
one for development, one for staging and one for production. Now,
calling one of the configurations buildout.cfg would make it the
default. That means that if you just run bin/bildout, it will try to
install that configuration. That's fine for installing, but not for
updating. If you install it with -c staging.cfg, and then without -c
at all, it will try to switch to the buildut.cfg configuration, which
is not what you want.

Now, a clever way around this ought to be to have no buildout.cfg at
all, and therefore no default, right? Nope, because if you run it
then, it will create an empty buildout.cfg, and then promptly go
around building it. Which has the effect that everything gets

That's not what I want as default behaviour. :-) Can we change this to
complaining that buildout.cfg doesn't exist instead?

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