here's the pattern that we use:

- create a directory 'profiles/' in your buildout
- create a file 'profiles/base.cfg' that describes all parts and their
default configurations
- create a file 'profiles/dev.cfg' that has the development variation
and uses '[buildout] extends=base.cfg'

Then we do not check in a buildout.cfg at all. We put an SVN ignore on
that actually.

When doing a checkout of the buildout, we run bootstrap which creates an
empty buildout.cfg (and uninstalls all of the 0 parts which I don't care
about). We then set the buildout.cfg to look like this:

extends = profiles/dev.cfg

and run bin/buildout. 

This works very well for us.


Am Montag, den 19.02.2007, 16:32 +0100 schrieb Lennart Regebro:
> I'm testing buildout, and one thing I want is to have several cfgs,
> one for development, one for staging and one for production. Now,
> calling one of the configurations buildout.cfg would make it the
> default. That means that if you just run bin/bildout, it will try to
> install that configuration. That's fine for installing, but not for
> updating. If you install it with -c staging.cfg, and then without -c
> at all, it will try to switch to the buildut.cfg configuration, which
> is not what you want.
> Now, a clever way around this ought to be to have no buildout.cfg at
> all, and therefore no default, right? Nope, because if you run it
> then, it will create an empty buildout.cfg, and then promptly go
> around building it. Which has the effect that everything gets
> That's not what I want as default behaviour. :-) Can we change this to
> complaining that buildout.cfg doesn't exist instead?
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