Michael Haubenwallner wrote:
The dependencies of the zope.annotation egg have been commented out yesterday:

Do you know the reason for this ?

I wish I did. The log message is pretty useless, unfortunately. I can only urge committers to answer the "Why" in their log messages, not (only) the "What". Most of us who read the commit messages understand the "What", but not always the "Why". That's what log messages are for...

A second question on the topic: i am trying to use zope.annotation outside zope app server - so far without success (problems starting at the zope.app.container.contained dependency).

Can you confirm it is possible without writing my own IAttributeAnnotatable implementation ?

Well, we've got plans to make zope.app a namespace package as well and distribute pretty much independent packages like zope.app.container as independent eggs. I hope that this will somewhat alleviate your problem, though perhaps zope.annotation's dependency on zope.app.container should be made optional as well.

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