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On 20 Feb 2007, at 17:04 , Jamu Kakar wrote:

Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:

Looks to me something's going wrong when loading This was refactored recently (you're now
supposed to load, but
backwards-compatibility should've been provided.

FYI, backwards compatibility is broken in revisions beyond r71953.

That sucks. Can you describe how exactly backwards compatibility broke?

Baiju, I think you were the one who did the refactoring. Can you look after this issue? Thanks.

Yes, I did that refactoring and the original proposal was from Jim.
I couldn't find Jamu Kakar's original reply to zope3-dev list.
As Philipp said, can you give more details about how backwards compatibility is broken. This thread is started by Roger Ineichen and his problem was test layer related, see:

Baiju M
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