Jim Fulton wrote:

I don't know how to interpret this note. Are you suggesting that these should be the dependencies? I don't know what the relevence of the "flat is better than nested" quote or of the indentation in the list below. (Perhaps that was an accidental result of using tabs.

I was starting to think about reducing dependencies. I used `src/utilities/finddeps.py` to find dependencies. Later I will classify those dependencies as you said below (install_requires, tests_require and extras_require). That quote is added as motivation for me :) Now I have enough motivation, so I will remove it :)

In any case, look at what I did to zope.component. In particular, see the use of extras to try to limit and segment the dependencies.



I think we can follow this line.

Yes, I've commented some dependencies for the moment because they aren't currently realizable. :(

There are a few things to note:

- I need zope.component to be easily installable now. :) In particular, for a course I'm teaching at PyCon on Tuesday.

This is a requirement for me also for 2nd March at FOSS.NITC : http://www.foss.nitc.ac.in
I will be talking about Zope Component Architecture, I have 2 hour time,
but the audience may not be Python programmers :(
Any advise ?

- I used a separate test extra to capture test dependencies.

Why we requires these two:

 tests_require = ['zope.testing'],
 extras_require = dict(

test = ['zope.testing'], ),

Let's use 'tests_require' for test requirements and 'extras_require' for other requirements ?

- The zcml support currently causes a dependency on all of zope. : ( This makes it impossible to run the tests for the zcml support without a zope checkout. We need to fix this.

May be I can help, any pointer to start?

What do people think of using extras this way? I think it makes a lot os sense for tests.

As I said above, use 'extras_require' for other requirements and 'tests_require' only for test requirements?

Baiju M

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