On Feb 20, 2007, at 10:48 PM, Baiju M wrote:

Jim Fulton wrote:

- I used a separate test extra to capture test dependencies.

Why we requires these two:

 tests_require = ['zope.testing'],
 extras_require = dict(

test = ['zope.testing'], ),

Let's use 'tests_require' for test requirements and 'extras_require' for other requirements ?

tests_require doesn't really do anything. It is used solely by setuptools at setup time. It doesn't create any meta data that can be used by any other test runner, like ours. IMO, it is useless. See the discussion of this a while back on the distutils sig mailing list.

- The zcml support currently causes a dependency on all of zope. : ( This makes it impossible to run the tests for the zcml support without a zope checkout. We need to fix this.

May be I can help, any pointer to start?

The easiest way to start is to try creating package buildouts that don't use a Zope checkout and seeing if you can make them work. For example, check out the zope.component buildout, modify it so that it doesn't exclude the zcml tests, and see if you can get the tests to pass. You'll notice that:

- zope.security should list zope.location as a depenency

- you'll end up with a depenency on zope.app.container, which doesn't exist as an egg or project.

When these are fixed, there are probably lots of other issues.

What do people think of using extras this way? I think it makes a lot os sense for tests.

As I said above, use 'extras_require' for other requirements and 'tests_require' only for test requirements?

I think we're at the point now where we actually need to try and make things work. If you do, you'll discover, as I did a few weeks ago, that tests_require doesn't do anything useful.

I would *greatly* appreciate it if you could work with Alex Heavner. He's now working on getting the zc.sharing buildout working without a zope3 checkout. He's starting with the tests. He could really use some help and I'll be at PyCon for the next few days. Note that Alex's initial goal is to get this working without getting the dependencies right. He's just listing all of the eggs you and he have made and trying to get the tests to pass.


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