Jamu Kakar wrote:

Hi Baiju,

Baiju M wrote:

Yes, I did that refactoring and the original proposal was from Jim.
I couldn't find Jamu Kakar's original reply to zope3-dev list.
As Philipp said, can you give more details about how backwards
compatibility is broken.
This thread is started by Roger Ineichen and his problem was test layer
related, see:

Sorry for the late reply. It turns out that the problem I was seeing
was also test layer related. It appears that dealing with the test
layer problems have us working with Zope trunk again (as of today). Yay! :)

Sorry for the false alarm.

Don't feel sorry about it.  Always please reply to list.
Anyway I am sending this information to zope3-dev list for record.

With thanks and regards,
Baiju M

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