On 2/23/07, Jim Fulton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
I think this should be handled in the declaration serialization code.
We should arrange that when a declaration is unpickled we:

- catch interfaces that can't be loaded,

Apparently when the interface "can't be loaded" it turns from a
InterfaceClass to a 'class', which doesn't conform to the iteration
protocol expected by the 'for v in sequence' in _normalizeargs. Would
detecting a standard 'class' vs 'InterfaceClass' be enough?

- issue a warning

Not too fond of that. :)

- replace the wayward interface with some kind of placeholder.

Like a BrokenInterfacleClass?

This may require checking for broken objects rather than catching

This is largely hand waving, but I think the overall approach is
sound. :)

It sounds good to me. In fact it's pretty much what I had in mind,
except for the warning.

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