On 3/2/07, Bernd Dorn <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

On 02.03.2007, at 15:43, Roger Ineichen wrote:

> Hi Paul, Hi Bernd
>> Subject: [Zope3-dev] z3c.javascript eggs now available
>> I have made my very first set of eggs for each of the
>> packages in z3c.javascript.  They are available at
>> http://eggs.carduner.net
>> I would love it if interested people would check them out and
>> verify that they work and/or are properly built and/or have
>> the proper metadata, before I think about uploading them to
>> the cheeseshop.
> Thanks for the effort and your work. I like it.
> But Im' sure we need a concept before this packages
> get distributed.
> I think it should be possible to have tags for each
> stabel version of the mirrored javascripts. I think
> just to have one actualy version is not enough.
> What do you think? Do we realy need to support our
> own javascrip mirror? Or should we degrade our
> z3c.javascript packages and remove the copied
> javascript itself?

hm, dunno if i understand your question ... do you mean removing the
actual javascript source files and let the end user fetch them?

my suggestion is, that if the license of a library allows it to be
distributed in the eggs, we should include them, because we then have
a specific snapshot of that library, and for end users this is very
convinient i think

By "end user" do you mean the person installing the egg?  In that case
the javascript files should certainly be included in the egg.  If you
mean the end user to be someone doing an svn checkout then I think the
javascript libs should not be stored in zope's repository, but rather
we should use an external to grab the latest release tag from the
javascript lib's repository.

Finally, the current layout of the z3c.javascript repository makes
doing eggs for individual subpackages (dojo, mochikit, etc.) a pain
and I don't think anyone wants to download a single 14mb egg for the
entire z3c.javascript package.  Would it make sense to put
z3c.javascript.* subpackages into the root of the zope repository?

Also, I'm about to send in a zope contributor agreement form so that
my packaging files can make it into the zope repository.

- Paul

> Regards
> Roger Ineichen
>> Thanks,
>> Paul Carduner
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