Hi Paul

> Subject: Re: [Zope3-dev] z3c.javascript eggs now available

Do whatever you like to do within the javascript sources in 
the z3c.javascript packages.
Right now it's not useable because the javascript versions 
are not documented the package are using.

> Finally, the current layout of the z3c.javascript repository 
> makes doing eggs for individual subpackages (dojo, mochikit, 
> etc.) a pain and I don't think anyone wants to download a 
> single 14mb egg for the entire z3c.javascript package.  Would 
> it make sense to put
> z3c.javascript.* subpackages into the root of the zope repository?
> Also, I'm about to send in a zope contributor agreement form 
> so that my packaging files can make it into the zope repository.

Is it not possible to build eggs for sub packages of 
z3c.javascript? Must they be top level packages?

If so, that's a problem for other packages in z3c too?

Roger Ineichen

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