Giovannetti, Mark wrote:

Using zope 3.3.0 so i18nextract may have changed.

I found that i18nextract didn't quite meet my needs.
So I changed it.  The following diff shows the changes.
Basically, I wanted to allow individual py/zcml/pt extractions to be possible.
Originally, python code is always included in an
extraction.  This leads to duplication within .pot files
when there is more than one translation domain. So a common look and feel domain stored entirely in zcml or
page templates can now be extracted without pulling
in a pile of irrelevant python messages.

The default behaviour is unchanged.
I hope you can make use of the changes.  bin/i18nextract.ccrs
was the new version.  Am I using diff with the arguments the
right way around? ;-)

No idea, this way of diffing creates unreadable diffs. Can you re-submit this as a unified diff (diff -u) please?

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