On 2007-03-08 19:36:06 +0100, Ross Patterson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> said:

Christian Zagrodnick <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

On 2007-03-07 17:54:35 +0100, Ross Patterson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> said:

Christian Zagrodnick <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:


the Zope 3.3 branch tests fail here:

Error in test test_persistentDeclarations
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/sw/lib/python2.4/unittest.py", line 260, in run


in test_persistentDeclarations
AttributeError: 'PersistentImplements' object has no attribute

That's mine, I just finished taking a look at it.  I did fresh
checkouts of branches/3.3 and trunk and ran "make test" on them both
just to be safe.  I can't reproduce this failure.

I'm not really up to speed on the eggs or buildout stuff.  I'm just
using the SVN bundle at:

svn+ssh://[EMAIL PROTECTED]/repos/main/Zope3/branches/3.3

Should I be using something else?

No, same URL here. Just did make clean && make and rerun. But I keep
getting the error. Could this be a Mac issue only?

Ah, that's it!  Somone committed a fix to a Mac specific issue on
trunk but didn't back port it to the 3.3 branch.  I got my hands on a
MacBook and was able to reproduce the error.  I've merged the
changes and now the tests pass on said MacBook.

Ah. Now they're passing. Thanks Ross.

Christian Zagrodnick

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