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Hi there,

I saw Andreas Jung checked in z3c.sqlalchemy. Cool! Some questions though:

* how is this different from zalchemy?

It's providers better control about the mapper generation and should cover all the different use-cases we encounter right now with databases. You have certain levels of control about how mappers are generated. But wait
for the documentation :-)

* I see it uses ZopeTestCase, while it appears to be pure Zope 3 code
otherwise, at least at first sight (and because of the package name). Why
is this done?

That's possibly a culprit of a former version. I'll have to clean it up.

* The copyright isn't Zope Corporation. Under the current rules of the
SVN repository (pre-copyright assignment to the Foundation), the
copyright should be assigned to Zope Corporation and contributors. After
transition it'll change again.

No problem. I can change that.


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