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Am Freitag, den 23.03.2007, 14:00 +0530 schrieb Baiju M:
For 3.4.0 all individual packages will be having a unique version
number (3.4.0), but this won't be the case for 3.5.0, in Zope 3.5.0
zope.interface may be still in 3.4.0 version.

In PyPI we will put all latest stable releases of individual packages,
so a package in PyPI may be a newer version compared to the latest
Zope 3 release.  Then, to install a particular Zope 3 release, user
should always use as eggs location
(--find-links option in easy_install or zc.buildout).

I think we can have a meta-package for "the Zope application" that
defines a dependency for all packages, some of those might still be
3.4.0 whilst others might be 3.5.1 etc. I don't think we really need the
download areas to gather the eggs.
I think putting all eggs in one place for each release will be useful for those who make offline installation/deploy. So they can easily make use the 'download-cache' and 'install-from-cache'
options of zc.buildout without any hurdle.

Baiju  M

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