On 3/13/07, Tres Seaver <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

Have a look at the source distributions / eggs available at:


Also, a checkout of the following might be instructive:


For instance, this should work if you have setuptools / easyinstall
already in hand for your python::

  $ bin/easy_install -f http://download.zope.org/distribution \

I still get a crazy amount of packages installed when I do this (see
below). Either I'm doing something wrong (any ideas?) or I've got a
very different definition of "stand-alone" ;-)

When I ran the easy_install command above, the following were installed:

Best match: zope.pagetemplate 3.3dev
Best match: zope.schema 3.4dev-r73183
Best match: zope.component 3.4dev-r72903
Best match: pytz 2005r
Best match: zope.thread 3.3dev-r72587
Best match: zope.proxy 3.4.0a1
Best match: zope.exceptions 3.3dev-r72546
Best match: zope.event 3.3dev-r72545
Best match: zope.deferredimport 3.3dev-r72527
Best match: zope.app 3.4dev-r73509
Best match: zope.traversing 3.4dev-r72940
Best match: zope.testing 3.4dev-r73174
Best match: docutils 0.4
Best match: RestrictedPython 3.2.0
Best match: zope.viewlet 3.4dev-r73054
Best match: zope.documenttemplate 3.3dev-r72533
Best match: zope.structuredtext 3.3dev-r72637
Best match: zope.testbrowser 3.4dev-r73268
Best match: zope.size 3.4dev-r72579
Best match: zope.server 3.4dev-r72578
Best match: zope.rdb 3.4dev-r72882
Best match: zope.publisher 3.3dev-r72907
Best match: zope.modulealias 0.1dev-r72559
Best match: zope.lifecycleevent 3.4dev-r72552
Best match: zope.index 3.4dev-r72728
Best match: zope.hookable 3.4dev-r72561
Best match: zope.formlib 3.4dev-r73110
Best match: zope.filerepresentation 3.4dev-r72616
Best match: zope.dublincore 3.4dev-r73114
Best match: zope.dottedname 0.1dev-r72536
Best match: zope.decorator 0.1dev-r72650
Best match: zope.datetime 3.4dev-r72522
Best match: zope.contenttype 3.4dev-r72520
Best match: zope.copypastemove 3.4dev-r72841
Best match: zope.cachedescriptors 3.4dev-r72515
Best match: zope.annotation 3.4dev-r72925
Best match: zodbcode 0.1dev-r72731
Best match: zdaemon 2.0a6
Best match: ZODB3 3.8.0a1.dev-r73128
Best match: zope.contentprovider 3.4dev-r72519

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