Hey Jim,

On 3/26/07, Jim Fulton <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Theoretical algorithm scalability is one thing, and the same issues
> apply to both. Practical scalability might vary widely.

OK, I give up.  This argument just isn't worth my time any more.  I'm
sorry I objected to the original point.

Let me explain my perspective before I stop this discussion as well.
You came into this thread and sounded very much like someone saying
that there was no point in improving the current situation and backed
this up by theory.

I think we can safely conclude that:

* there is no silver bullet in all this (your point)

* there is probably room for improvement. How large a room this is we
need to determine with actual measurements.

My hopes:

* is that there is some low-hanging fruit in improving things. This
hope may be dashed.

* that we may be able to provide some more infrastructure to help
developers in scaling particular catalog usage scenarios (batching
with sorting).

I argue these points as you initially gave me the strong impression
saying that there's no point in even talking about all this. After
that I thought we were actually going somewhere with this discussion,
but you now strengthen this impression by apparently giving up in
exasparation. That is what is making *me* slightly exasparated. :)


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