Martijn Faassen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> schreibt:
>Now I'm hoping I'm missing some kind of strategy and perhaps someone 
>will have a luminous idea to make this work without the creation of a 
>separate index. Or if not, at least I can give up looking and just go 
>and write that index. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Hi Martijn,

I have experimented with the inodes of files, which are a good candidate
for IKeyReferences for files. Using inodes solves the problem that the ids
should remain stable across moves. They are also a good basis for a
detection of moves which happen outside the control of Zope.

The problem that a lookup requires a directory walk can perhaps be reduced
if one keeps hard links to the target files in a separate directory. If
the hard links use the ids as filenames one could efficiently access the
file contents without search.

I have never tested this idea, but perhaps it may be worth a try.


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