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Now I'm hoping I'm missing some kind of strategy and perhaps someone will have a luminous idea to make this work without the creation of a separate index. Or if not, at least I can give up looking and just go and write that index. Does anyone have any suggestions?
Hi Martijn,

I have experimented with the inodes of files, which are a good candidate
for IKeyReferences for files. Using inodes solves the problem that the ids
should remain stable across moves. They are also a good basis for a
detection of moves which happen outside the control of Zope.

Unfortuantely there are filesystems without usable inode numbers (or
inodes). You also need to take multiple filesystems into account, which
means you need to include the device major and minor number in your key.
This leads to another problem: those numbers may not be stable across

Not stable across reboot would be bad. This needs to work minimally under Linux and Windows.

How does one get to inodes on Linux from Python? Does Windows have an equivalent?



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